Executive Director

Sangamon County Medical Society
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PROGRAM:                  Administration

POSITION:                    Executive Director, SCMS and SCMS Foundation

FUNCTION:                  To administer, direct and supervise the total operation of SCMS and SCMS Foundation within the policy structure and the authorities delegated by the SCMS Board of Directors.

REPORTS TO:              SCMS Board of Directors and SCMS Foundation Board of Directors

QUALIFICATIONS:    Bachelor’s Degree preferred with a minimum of 3 years in non-for-profit and/or equitable experience and a minimum of 5 years of management experience.

Demonstrated capabilities in leadership, program planning, public and community relations, academic competence and business acumen.  Knowledge in National and State legislation and resource preferred.


Employee's work hours shall be Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and such other additional hours as required by SCMS.  Employee shall also attend all Board meetings and other SCMS meetings, which may result in work beyond 4:30 p.m.  The duties of the Executive Director shall include but not be limited to the following:

1.            Keep the Officers and Board of SCMS/SCMSA Foundation (“Foundation”) fully informed on the conditions and operations of SCMS/Foundation.

2.            Arrange and attend all meetings of the Board and SCMS/Foundation.  Research and compile agenda items and direct issuance of appropriate notices for these meetings.

3.            Plan, promote, organize and administer all official meetings of the organizations.

4.            Assist the Secretary and Treasurer of SCMS in recording, reproducing, distributing and maintaining official minutes of all meetings of the organization (Board of Directors, Society, Committee, etc.).  Provide security for all files, legal and historic documents, membership and mailing lists.

5.            Assist the Secretary and Treasurer of SCMS/Foundation in keeping financial records and preparing a quarterly financial report.

6.            Execute and implement all decisions of Board except when other assignment is specifically made by that body.

7.            Maintain effective relationships with other organizations, both public and private, and enhance the position of the Society and its members in accordance with the policies and objectives of the organization.

8.            Insure that all funds, physical assets, and other property of the SCMS/Foundation are appropriately secured and administered.

9.            Execute by-law provisions with respect to auditing of SCMS/Foundation’s financial bills and status.

10.          Provide liaison and support of committees and committee chairmen to enable them to properly perform their functions.  Submit Committee decisions and recommendations to the Board for consideration.

11.          Promote interest and active participation in SCMS/Foundation activities on the part of the membership and report activities of the Board and SCMS/Foundation through mailings to the members of SCMS/Foundation.

12.          Monitor membership program and work to achieve membership goals.

13.          Maintain membership billing.

14.          Provide direction, supervision, and guidance to other SCMS/Foundation staff and employees while maintaining a good working relationship with staff and good staff morale.

15.          Perform and be responsible for any and all other duties as assigned.

Interested individuals can send resume and cover letter to scms@scmsdocs.org

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